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 2022  Nigerian Dwarf Doelings

Pedigree for P18

P18 Doeling

$800 sale pending

Cou Clair

Born 4/14/22

Can be registered with ADGA & AGS

Sire Amethyst Acres G Zebulon *B

SS Amethyst Acres R Gianni *B

SD Sugar Moon Z Zip Me Up 5*M Elite

2019 Zip Me Up

#1 Top Ten Breed Leader for milk at 2110#,

#5 Top Ten Breed Leader for Butterfat and

#3 Top Ten Breed Leader for Protein 

Dam  Gibson Farm MX Mystique 2*M

DD SG Gibson Farm STS RaspberryBeret 1*M

DS Gibson Farm CH TC Maximus *B 

2022 Unregistered Nigerian Dwarf Doelings

P13 Doeling




P14 Doeling


Black & white with moonspots


P11 Doeling

$250 Sale pending



 2021  Nigerian Dwarf Yearling Does

All 2021 does were bottle raised and extremely people friendly!

They are ADGA registered and come with AGS application for registration.

ADGA & AGS Nigerian Dwarf

N26 Doe 

$450  SOLD


DOB 3/2/21

Gibson Farm TW Calliope

Sire Dill's TS Turnt Whanker *B

Dam Gibson Farm CJ Cassiopia 2*M

ADGA & AGS Nigerian Dwarf

N50 Doe 


Sundgau with extensive white 

DOB 3/30/21

Gibson Farm TW Salena

Sire Dill's TS Turnt Whanker *B

Dam Gibson Farm DB Sweet Sassy

ADGA & AGS Nigerian Dwarf

N66 Doe 


Black with moonspots

DOB 4/27/21

Gibson Farm OR Ambrosia

Sire Gibson Farm CJ Orion *B

Dam Gibson Farm DF Brandy Blue 1*M

Ambrosia and Blue Curacao are available as a pair for $800.

ADGA & AGS Nigerian Dwarf

N68 Doe 


Black with blue eyes

DOB 4/27/21

Gibson Farm OR Blue Curacao

Sire Gibson Farm CJ Orion *B

Dam Gibson Farm DF Brandy Blue 1*M

Nigerian Dwarf Does

Gibson Farm CH Blue Horizon 1*M

AR 2019

Chocolate; Blue eyes


Linear Appraisal

2018 VVEV 88 @ 2-07

2019 EVE+ 87 @ 3-06

Height 20.5"

Sire Gibson Farm DEV Charlie *B

SS: SG NC PromisedLand SS Deviant *S/++*B Elite 2015-2018

SD: Dill's XM Dolly Parton 4*M

Dam: Gibson Farm RL Moon Beam

DS: Dill's LD Roulette +B

DD: Gibson Farm MC Lady Antebellum

DHIR Records

2018   2-04   88   177   11   7

2019   3-01   305   713   47   30

2020   4-04   356   908   57   37


Retained Kids

Gibson Farm ZX Dawn

Gibson Farm CJ Cassiopia

Gibson Farm TW Kiss the Moon

SG Gibson Farm HB Jewel 2*M

AR 2019

Elite 2019 96th percentile

Elite 2020 95th percentile

Chocolate swiss with moonspots


Linear Appraisal

2019 AV++ 79 @ 2-01 (FF)

Height 21"

Sire Gibson Farm BO Huckleberry *B

SS: Dill's BF Bojangles *B

SD: SG Sugar Moon O Hannah 2*M Elite 2018-2020

Dam SG Sugar Moon V Bijou 1*M

DS: SG Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas +*B Elite 2016-2019

DD: Sugar Moon O Gypsy Rose

DHIR Records

2019   1-08   304   498   26   24

2021   3-09   287   546   34   23


Gibson Farm ZX Almond Joy 


Buckskin with moonspots


Linear Appraisal

2019 ++V+ 83 @ 2-01 (FF)

Height 19.5"

Sire Golden Dawn Z Zaxby

SS: NC PromisedLand MS Zumba *B

DS: Golden Dawn Zombie Apocalypse

Dam Gibson Farm CH Hazelnut

DS: Gibson Farm DEV Charlie

DD: SG Sugar Moon O Brazil 4*M

DHIR Records

2019   1-10   145   116   6   5

2020   2-10   301   680   40   31


Retained Kids

Gibson Farm MX Baby Ruth