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Raising quality registered Nigerian Dwarf & Alpine Dairy Goats in western PA since 2009

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Bucks For Sale

Goats marked as Sale Pending means a deposit had been received or pick up has been scheduled by a buyer.

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 Alpine Buck


French Alpine

Bottle raised and extremely easy to handle.

Bronx is a very sweet buck.

Munchin'Hill Bronx

ADGA pending


Cou blanc

Sire Iron-Rod Sideburns

Dam Munchin'Hill Brooklyn


Bronx will be available after he is done breeding our does.  Likely mid December.  His paperwork was sent to ADGA a couple of months ago.  Hoping to receive it soon!

Munchin'Hill Brooklyn

Picture courtesy of Munchin Hill 

Nigerian Dwarf Wethers

None available until 2023

 Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings

None available until 2023

Nigerian Dwarf Yearling Bucks

Nigerian Dwarf ADGA/AGS

N8 *B Buck $800 

Black and white

DOB  2/9/21


Gibson Farm DF Razzcal *B

DNA on file

Sire *B Sunny Daze Dusty Fields

Dam 3*M SG Gibson Farm DB Razzmatazz Elite


3*M SG Gibson Farm DB Razzmatazz

LA VEEE90 Elite 2022

Razz just joined our 1000#er club!!

At 300 dim she milked 1084#! 

Nigerian Dwarf ADGA Registered & AGS application

N53 Buck $500 OBO 

Dark gold with moonspots  

DOB 3/31/21

Gibson Farm MO Prince *B

Sire *B Gibson Farm ZEB Moses

SS: *B Amethyst Acres G Zebulon

SD: 1*M SG Sugar Moon V Bijou

Dam 1*M SG Gibson Farm STS RaspberryBeret  


DS: +*B SG Sugar Moon RB Stetson

DD: Gibson Farm MG Raspberry

1*M SG Gibson Farm STS RaspberryBeret 


RaspberryBeret milked 

2019 5-01 305 948 51 37

Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

*B Gibson Farm CJ Orion

Black and white

Blue eyes


Sire Gibson Farm HB Colby Jack *B

  SS: Gibson Farm BO Huckleberry *B

  SD: SG Sugar Moon V Bijou 1*M

  LA 2019 VEEE 90 @ 6-04

Dam Gibson Farm CH Blue Horizon 1*M

  LA 2019 EVE+ 87 @ 3-06

  SD: Gibson Farm DEV Charlie *B

  DD: Gibson Farm RL Moon Beam

For Sale $500

Gibson Farm CH Blue Horizon 1*M