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La Paysanne W Daria



ADGA AA1565209

Sire: Lamppost Cottage D S William *B

  SS: Dixie-Does Dreamy Juno *B LA 90 VEE

     (GCH Iron-Rod The Color of Dreams +B LA 90 VEE x GCH Waiilatpu Wral Maire 12*M LA 91 VEEE)

  SD: Lamppost Cottage N Scarlet *1M LA 89 VEEE

     (CH Nodaway DA Influence Peddler *B LA 90 EEE x Iron-Rod Su-Maxx Solitude)

Dam: Lamppost Cottage P Delaine LA 83 +++V

  DS: Kickapoo-Valley Power Stroke 89 VEV

     (CH Pleasant-Grove Challenge Laser *B LA 87 +EE x CH Kickapoo-Valley Liason Lullaby LA 88 VVEV)

  DD: Iron-Rod Sullivan's Damsel

     (Iron-Rod JLS Sullivan +B LA 91 EEE X Iron-Rod Etienne Dance LA 84 +VV+)

Kidding History

2013 twins buck/doe mini Alpine

    Gibson Farm AX Gizzy

2014 single doe (Maplewood Hill Top Pride N Joy)

     retained Gibson Farm PJ Bobbi Sox

2015 triplets 2 bucks/doe Maplewood Hill Top Stryker)

     retained Gibson Farm STK Ella